Chick-fil-A Preferring Cashless Customers During COVID-19

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As another impact of COVID-19, some Chick-fil-A shops are not accepting cash payments. Medical reports have appeared indicating that currency bills can carry and retain the novel coronavirus.

Food store employees are already working under precarious conditions and don’t need one more thing to worry about regarding their safety, so QSR chains like Chick-fil-A may accelerate the shift to cashless payments.

One obstacle is that some cities and states currently prohibit stores from not accepting cash. This may be overlooked for now, but expect to see more food shops and other merchants encouraging customers to use contactless payments, especially via their mobile order and pay apps.

The following Business Insider article reports more on this topic:

Chick-fil-A is making moves to keep its workers and customers safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Certain locations of the fast-food chain are going fully cashless or strongly encouraging that customers avoid that method for payment.

According to posts on Facebook from various Chick-fil-A locations in states including Florida, Indiana, Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland, stores are shifting toward cashless payment models to slow the spread of the virus. While some stores are simply encouraging the use of mobile or credit card payment, other stores are restricting the use of cash altogether. 

A store in Severna Park, Maryland, posted that on Monday that as of Tuesday, April 14, the store would “no longer be able to accommodate cash customers.” 

A Virginia Chick-fil-A posted on Monday that it was officially going cashless.

Overview by Raymond Pucci, Director, Merchant Services at Mercator Advisory Group

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